Thursday, November 6, 2014

Number 61

Jakarta Fashion Week has finally started! This year I didn't come every day because of my class schedule. I managed to come half of the fashion shows, I guess(?). I start to join the Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 hype on November 2 to watch shows from Japan Foundation and DITP. I had trouble picking my outfits but thanks to NUMBER 61, I don't have to worry anymore because this Grey Top is so chic and easy to match with anything.

NUMBER 61 is a local brand that focus on providing everyday chic and casual clothing, they have quickly become Indonesia’s go-to brand for current fashion at the greatest value. Their products feature up-to-date designs made with the highest quality materials for maximum daily style.
As you can see, it is not those plain top that you can find anywhere. This grey top has a navy blue line detail going on around the chest area. A simple, casual yet chic top that you can mix and match with literally anything. Not to mention it is so soft and comfortable to wear!

Hat - Stradivarius // Top - Number 61 // Skirt - Cotton On // Bag - Prada // Necklace & Stocking - Mythify // Shoes - ASH

I wore a burgundy/fuschia-ish skater skirt from Cotton On to match it with the grey top. The real color of the skirt is a mix of dark red and pink but in the pictures it looks like fuschia somehow. Since I know it's going to be cold I added a beige knit outer from Marks&Spencer. I accessorized my look with necklace and stocking from Mythify. As well as adding more blackness into my whole look with my Prada bag, Stradivarius hat, and ASH shoes.

NUMBER 61 provides Indonesian shoppers with a thrilling selection of today’s fashions – always changing, always in style, and always wearable.
NUMBER 61 is available in most major malls throughout Indonesia, but you can also order through their website here: (use my discount code to get 10% discount when ordering online! DISCOUNT CODE: CATHY10). What are you waiting for? Go buy these affordable yet comfortable clothing with discount *_*!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014: ESMOD

I went to Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 on Thursday to watch ESMOD's fashion show.

ESMOD is an international fashion design school that has 23 branches in 15 countries all over the world. This year, ESMOD Jakarta participates again in joining the biggest annual event BAZAAR Fashion Festival 2014. The alumni that joins the fashion show are the people that has extraordinary talents with their own individual characteristics on each of the collection.

Here are the pictures and description of the theme from each of the designers:

Bold Session by Erika Ardianto
An alumni of ESMOD Jakarta year 1997 pulls "Bold Session" theme that has strong pattern and details along with bold colors. This woman ready to wear collection features tops, dresses, pants that has different type of shades of blue color on their design.

Ashur is the inspiration for Khanaan's collection for Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. Assyrian or Ashur is an empire during the Mesopotamia era. Khanaan wants to show tribal accent on her collection without losing the luxury and elegant touch that we can see through the use of batik material which is the main element on each of the designs, and also the placement of details that resembles ancient Assyria sculpture.

Minimalist Monochromatic by Silvy Dwianti
After researching based on Trend Forecast for SS2015, Vy by Silvy launched a collection called "Minimalist Monochromatic" for their Spring/Summer 2015 that take inspiration from cutting multifunction and also textured fabric from modern architecture building with edgy style, sporty, and chic.

Inflorescence by Michelle Maitlin
Inspired from a botanical illustration collage that combines the beauty of nature with human figure. Cutting technique becomes the main keyword for this collection along with chic florescence application.

HOPE by Rebecca Marsauli
This collection tells a story about life, dream, and fear in life. Pure white nuance. neutral, light red, and ocean blue play a part in the collection. Details like cuttings and embroideries give out emotion, power, and weakness, even sadness and grief that connect with human feeling.

LADYVOO by Vonny Kirana
LADYVOO collection features feminine cuts along with chic frilly ruffle designs that enhance women's body lines. This collection is inspired by the forming of pearl that starts with a dust which then turned into a high value pearl. Pastel cream colored with textured fabric and ruffles dominated the entire collection.

The Innocence of Nature by Vera Hailie
The innocence and plainness of nature that can be beautiful on itself without being too much has inspired Vera Hailie. For this collection, she focuses on the silhouette and details that are inspired by nature such as clouds, mountain, and waves. The design itself shows beauty from a unique angle.

La Silhoutte by Jeniven
For this Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Ginevra took "La Silhouette" as her theme and concept that is inspired by woman as a unique creature. Combination from variety of curves and edges in the collection contains meaning that woman is not a fragile creature but they have a strong soul.
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